All our resoles are available with either Five Ten Stealth C4 ( 3.5mm, 4mm or 5.5mm) or Vibram XS ( 4mm or 5mm )

Regarding sole thickness , it's your choice but if you have no preference we'll try to match the original sole. The majority of our resoles are done either 5mm or 5.5mm. The high tech slippers usually get 4mm or 3.5mm. Please keep in mind that while these thinner soles are quite sensitive they wear out quicker.


This is the area of rubber that wraps around the sides of the whole shoe. The sole is glued to this. Most of a climbers power comes from the big toe area, consequently that area ( if it wears past the sole ) will begin to wear causing weakness or an outright tear.

Of all the resoles we do almost 80% need some sort of rand work. These rand patches ( toe patch) are the most technical and vital part of a solid resole job. The upper or leather part of the shoe is securely bonded to the rand, which in turns provides a foundation for the new sole. Not all damage is visible, only by removing the sole can we tell exactly what condition the rand is in.

How can I prevent this? First, be precise with your foot placement. Next, inspect your shoe where the sole meets the rand, you'll see a faint line where they join , don't let it wear past that point. Be conservative when evaluating how worn your shoes are, by sending them in a little sooner you can prevent possible rand damage and subsequent repairs